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Here are some helpful hints when planning your move.

Contact Luker Bros ( Removals & Storage ) Ltd sales@lukerbros.com once you have a potential move who will provide you with a quotation. In order to make a quotation, it is usually best for a surveyor to visit your home to assess the amount to be moved, cartons needed for packing of smalls, property access for a large truck and other relevant details. As it is not always possible to come and visit your home then please complete the online quote giving as much detail as possible.
Even with the greatest care taken, we cannot guarantee that your personal and cherished belongings won’t get damaged in transit. This is why all BAR members are obliged to offer suitable insurance cover as part of their service. Insurance is not only important, it’s common sense. You don’t have to take out insurance with us but we recommend it.
Make sure that the booking you confirm with your mover is definite. All moves have potential dates but until Contracts are exchanged and completed and the firm dates and handover of key times are agreed you cannot make any plans for your removal. So many potential dates never materialise and we do not take provisional bookings.
When you have your confirmed date from your solicitor make arrangements to have your gas/electric/telephone etc disconnected and meters read.
Always be sure that the men cannot pack these items away with your removal goods. Keep them out of the way so that errors cannot be made.
Run down the stocks of your deep freeze as much as possible. Freezers are not designed to be moved whilst loaded. No insurers will accept responsibility for any deterioration of the contents.
We will take down curtains and take up carpets but we do not refit them.
You should remove light fittings before the moving day as we are not qualified to do so.
This is not designed to be moved in its assembled form. You should discuss with our estimator when he comes to see you how best any item of system furniture you may have can be handled. Some system furniture breaks very easily as the board splits at the joints and edges with handling.
Light items may be left in drawers but heavier items such as books, files or tools should be removed and packed separately.
If there are parking restrictions at either location it will be necessary for you to obtain the relevant exemptions/permissions. Also let us know if there are any other difficulties getting access to your new home – narrow streets, overhanging trees, low bridges/gates, small doorways, spiral staircase etc.. If you are moving to a multi storey building check if there is a lift that can be used for furniture and if possible make arrangements for priority use for the day.
Sometimes we will arrive at your new home before you do. It is useful to give a spare key to the foreman so that they won’t lose any time waiting for you.
If possible it is usually better if you can arrange for younger children and pets to be looked after whilst the move is taking place as it can be quite stressful for them. However, older children may enjoy the excitement of the move.
When the men say they have finished loading carefully check around the house to be sure that nothing has been left behind, or that they have not loaded something you wanted left.

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